Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. It was very nice to all be together for Christmas Eve. My brother and his wife goes to his in-laws today for Christmas Day. My youngest sister and her family have her in-laws over.
One of the things I always try to do is get a family picture. and i got TONS of moans and groans. So I started out doing photos of the kids, then I had my 15 yr old nephew set my camera on the tripod. Next thing was to get everyone to come in. I had the self timer set to go off ten times and YES it was a success! I have a few good ones to choose from. That made my Christmas!
Enjoy your day. Stay safe and warm.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift for my mom

This is a gift i ordered for my mom from Lisa Leonard. They make hand-made unique jewelry. My mom saw a commercial for a bracelet where you add charms, then I saw this on the site and thought I'd add each grandchild's name. When I received it Saturday, I was overjoyed with it that I had to take many photos. I can't wait for my mom to open it.
Merry Christmas. It's coming soon and its snowing hard here!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I find it quite interesting that people can find my blog or any others that interest them....then again I suppose that wouldn't happen if I didn't check 'yes' for google to search out my blog. The reason I'm mentioning this is because I have been talking a lot about the Lite Gaite treadmill on my recent blogs. I received an email yesterday from a lady who works with mobility research. She said a colleague contacted her about my blog. I asked who her colleague is and where she is from. I have only posted one picture of me on the Lite gaite and I was done with my walking and was swinging, my therapists thought that was funny. This lady says how I'm not hooked up right etc. My therapists are wonderful and are very knowledgeable in the Lite Gaite. So you can't go by that picture of me swinging to tell if the straps aren't on correct.

Like I said before I had a bunch of pictures on my memory card of me in high gear working out. I felt much more stable without my hands and my upper body was not swaying as i may have previously have stated in a post. Scott, my therapist, said that is normal until i get the momentum going.

Just had to get that off my chest. My therapists are wonderful and i'm treated great. If something didn't feel right, I'd say so.

So, the card issue....I called Best Buy and the gal said there's a knob on the side of the card that could have slid down. But it seems kind of hard to do so on its own. She also said any kiosk would be able to retrieve them. We first took to Best Buy's geeksqad and they were unable. I'm going to try a couple other photo places before i reformat the card. If Best Buy can't, then I'm a bit iffy others can. Its worth a try.

i walked one mile around the gym Thursday. Only took two small breaks. My last few laps were really strong. Then I was working on the leg-extension and was relaxed and all the sudden Eldon scared the living daylights out of me. He said he just was trying to get my heart rate up! Such a jokester he is. I need to figured out how to get back at him!! :)
Then I was playing around with camera (different memory card), and since Scott and I didn't get a picture together the other day, we did an armshot one. Then i took some goofy pics of Chris, Scott and Eldon! They did such goofy poses, i couldn't help but not laugh. Tuesday I am going to try and take a picture of everyone thats there - some may be gone for Christmas vacation!! I'll just do my laps with camera around neck. That won't look weird at all!! Ah hahaha

Abby had her school program yesterday. She did so great. My friends daughter is in the same class and as soon as she saw me she smiled so BIG. It was really cute. I think i might have distracted her!
Then I got home and Scott emailed that he & his wife just found out they are having a baby girl!! YAY!
I think I got a 'good' bokeh shot from my parents tree.
Sunday the 19th my niece Madeline turns 4! She is so cute and says such sassy funny things. She's one where I have to keep snapping because she moves around so quick!
Off to watch Elf and bag up my gifts to bring to my parents!
Have a great day.....until next time Peace out!
And if you do read my blogs, please leave a comment.
Especially if you work for a mobility company. Thank you. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camera troubles

Actually its not 'camera troubles', its more stupidity on my part. I bought my camera in April, bought a card then and used it all summer - no issues. I then bought a bigger card before my Albuquerque trip, and took over 800 pics, which is nothing compared to what the other girls shot. Holy Macrole.

So anyway, I wanted to bring my camera today to gym as this is my last session with Scott (PT) before we meet up in a couple months. We go for a little bit, take a break then start up again. I'm still at the gym working out; just moreso on my own. So it will be interesting to see how i do on my laps. I had Scott take pictures of me in action on the Lite Gaite. Just showing me walking and hooked up to the machine. Then he starts to get this message saying "Card Not Formatted", I tried to power on and off but nothing and then Terrance tried to get a photo of Scott & I and he kept getting that message and nothing would happen thereafter. So I took it home and thought I could work some magic.....but I can't even retrieve images off my card. I had other bokeh pictures on there, just playing around practicing photography. Grrrrr, guess i should have maybe formatted my card BEFORE I used it. I put in my other card and did format that - I never knew. Guess i should have read the manual a little more closer! I'm hoping someone can get back to me and tell me how to retrive those images. I think I'm SOL.

So, today I did 5 intervals, I think. We'd bump it up to 3.1 and I'd walk that pace for a minute, then slow down for a minute. On and on......I think my last one was 3.5. That was a workout, i couldn't help but not laugh, trying to catch up. So when all was done I walked 30 min 1o sec, and I fluctuated between 2.3 and 2.4 for speed and kept bumping it up. I was at 2.7 at the end making that 1.31 miles. I'm not sure exactly how far it is, but its further than last time; which is good. I hope by next May, I don't leave my uncle in the dust. hehehe
My goal now is to keep this up. I'd like to try the treadmill in the gym, but i had issues before and am not sure I feel comfortable with doing it without having someone near me. They are talking about me using the Lite Gaite - I'd have to have someone hook me up and then i can pretty much walk on my own. I'll just hang til someone can unhook me. For now, I'll do my laps in the gym. Thats how I see everyone anyway!

Oh, before I walked on the Lite Gaite, Scott cracked my back and he got some good pops. (thats the reason I wanted to come to him in the first place - I thought he'd just crack me!! ah haha)

Until next time, stay warm and eat lots of goodies!
I better start my wrapping too.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another December Day

I went to PT this morning and right away we get started on the Lite Gaite treadmill. Scott first had me start at a slow pace to warm up, then I went to my 2.4 speed and tried to not hang on; it was more of a challenge then I thought as my upper body was swaying weird. He said thats normal as I'm hooked up in this device (I'll get a new picture next week) and my body wants to rotate. We did some intervals also, where Scott would bump me up to the speed of 3.1 for one minute, then i slowed down and went up to 3.2 and up to 3.4 (I think) with these one minute intervals. I couldn't help but not laugh when i was going super fast because I HAD to keep moving! I passed that and then I decided to keep walking at the 2.3 pace. I was halfways to a mile already, so I just kept on and when i was done I did 1 mile.15 at 27.15 time and I averaged 2.4 pace. Then I went in the gym, dampened a washrag and layed down, put it over my face and just relaxed! Ahhhhh - Terrance was going to ask if I was ok, glad he didn't because i'm sure he would have scared me. I was pretty relaxed so who knows if I would have even moved. I then saw him and told him how i did!! I just need to keep it up - I slack at home!
Everyone at the gym is so helpful and they always encourage me on! Great people!
Then Charlotte and I were visiting. We haven't visited in soooooooooo long, so it was great to catch up in person. She bought a new camera and she hadn't taken a picture. I said well lets take an arm-shot photo. She's like arm shot? I then demonstrated by holding the camera out. So I taught her something new!

Then this afternoon I met up with Jeannie. She helped me get my device I communicate with. We were trying to develop some type of mentoring program where I could either go to schools and talk with a student or students so they aren't as apprehensive in using devices. Also with adults who may have had a stroke and may need some type of 'voice' to help them communicate. Lots of brainstorming. We also talked about Shutterfly - my nieces book came so she was able to look at that quick. I think if we had more time, we'd still be yakking away.
It was fun.

My sister called me and she told me she picked up gifts for her son and daughter for me to give them. I still need to get her youngest something. Christmas shopping is stressful especially when I'm usually done and wrapped by now. Ugh! My sister said she'll drop the gifts off which means she needs to be paid ASAP! If she owed me money, she'd take her sweet time. In fact, i think she must still owe me for something.

I'm chatty and going on and on and probably putting you to sleep. I'm getting tired myself.
Later on this end!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy December

I'm a bit behind on my blogging. Oops-a-daisy!
I've been getting things geared up for Christmas. Took my dad out to get his gift as he is so hard to buy for, as is my mom. She mentioned she'd like a charm bracelet, so I ordered her one and now I have to get my nieces and nephews something. Been waiting paitently for my sister to give me ideas. Because it never fails that if i go ahead and buy something, then someone else has too. I'm usually done and wrapped by now.

I'm trying to take a photo a day for the Daily December challenge. I've been practicing taking photos, haven't uploaded them yet.

I got all my cards stuffed, stamped and mailed. I love sending cards!

I'm still keeping at it at gym. I'm a little annoyed some of my jeans no longer fit. I can't get them up past my thighs without squirming and kicking. So I gave up and I think I will just give them to a shelter. I don't know how my legs and butt could enlarge so much - they fit fine last spring! Grrrr - my PT guy said I'm just gaining muscle; which is a good thing.

So the last three times I was at gym, here are my results on the Lite Gait:
20.23 minutes at .86 and a speed of 2.3
20.13 minutes at .86 and my speed fluctuated between 2.3 and 2.5
Dec. 7 Scott had me do some endurance tests and asked if I wanted to do the Lite Gait after and I said yes. I passed all my tests; just need to keep the time up. Then Terrance hooked me up to the Lite Gaite. I really felt good and strong. I went for 27.13 minutes - I kept my speed at 2.3 and bumped it up to 2.4 towards last leg. I wanted to go at this speed as i had done so much before with the endurance tests. So I thought this speed would work best and I felt great, kept a steady pace, back was straight and I made it, I went a little over a MILE at 1.13! So now I just have to keep that up and hopefully by the time the 5k rolls around, i'll be in much better shape. Plus after that I did a bunch of running around in stores. i wasn't literally running around in the stores, but you get the idea.
Happy Decemeber. Its cold up here. We are having a heat wave Thursday at 25 degrees!
Thats all from this end for now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of you who follow my blogs; sometimes they are boring, they are my every day. To my dystonia family, my Southpoint family, my Shutterfly family, photography buddies, and everyone who has checked out my blog. Thank you and thank you for encouraging me to go on and keep up the fight. I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving with your friends/family.
Be safe, drive safe (its snowing here), and eat lots! Take tons of photos too!

Albuquerque 2010

Click here to view this photo book larger

Cards Cards & more cards

Below is an example of a card I made for my niece Madeline who turns four on December 19th - almost a Christmas baby. She said she doesn't like Santa because he comes too close to her birthday.
Anyway, if you share your card on your blog and send them the link to you'll get 25 free prints. Pretty cool, huh!
It only took me half an hour to figure out what my blogger user name is. Its different than what i thought it was - but thankfully i now have that baby written down! So share your cards on your blog!

madeline bday

Birthday Cupcake Birthday 5x7 folded card
Birthday party invitations and cards by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pushing through

Today at gym/PT I was hooked up to the Lite Gaite. I was at a speed of 2.5 and I went for 3 quarters of a mile. Getting a little higher each time. This time I had a sharp pain in my low back but I just tried to ignore it and it eventually worked itself out. I didn't get the shooting pain in leg this time. I went for almost 20 minutes. Next time we will try for a mile. By May, I'll for sure be ready for Marathon if I keep up the way I am. I feel its improving my overall walking. I did squats too. Got stretched. Now I'm raring to go!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping up!

I have been going back to PT, I have found it really helps to have someone work with me one on one. Its encouraging, although everyone at gym seems to be encouraging which is so nice.

Scott started me doing the Lite Gait (picture in the previous blog) and I believe today was my 3rd or 4th time. When I walk on it I'm all strapped in like I'm going Bungee Jumping! At first he had a strap that gave me a wedgie, I didn't like it so now I have the straps on my thighs. I mean, who likes a wedgie!!
Today we started out with the manual therapy where Scott twists me around and cracks me. I love the popping sounds! Success! It always makes me laugh for some reason. Then we did a 6 minute walk around the gym. Scott said I was walking better and took longer strides which the Lite Gait is helping me to do. I think today I was faster then the first time I did the 6 minute test. I was tired at end, but not nearly like before. So I rested a bit, then we went and did the Lite Gait. He got me started and then Terrance came in and scared the crap out of me. My goal was to do 15 minutes at the speed of 2.3 (I think), i just kept plugging along and then towards the 11 minute mark my back started to hurt and I thought i could finish - i didn't have much time left, but I just couldn't. I was getting a shooting pain down my right leg. Terrance thought it was from doing too much. I did do squats after, I was still hooked up, and the idea is to bend down in a squat position and come up slow. Those went fairly good and a couple of times i lost my balance - but thats the nice thing about being hooked up, is if i feel unsteady, the harness will catch me. He asked if I wanted to be stretched out and I said Scott already did it, but he said its no problem. So I got a double stretch. YAY!
Then I went in the gym and took a nap (kidding!). I was practing my planks and doing some squats - I did them not holding on to anything but there was a table behind me - so i felt more at ease. I for sure felt I got a good workout. I need people to ship me into shape and I'm willing to try anything. If I can't do it, then at least I tried!!

I'm off to continue working on a wedding book in Shutterfly.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Until next time....keep on keeping on!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last night Twitter held an hour where we could tweet about #Famphotoday and @shutterfly and @resourcefulmom. We were to talk about the cards and new things Shutterfly offers for getting in gear for the upcoming holidays. I was 20 minutes late to the party but it was loads of fun - a lot joined in and a few people won prizes. Super fun! Thanks shutterfly and resourcefulmom.

I had a family shoot yesterday. It was my second one and it was a lot of fun. We shot indoors as it was a bit chilly out. The sun was out but was still cold to be sitting outside. We got plenty of shots and i hope the family likes some. With my previous shoot, we did it outside and I had to fight with the sunlight, shadows and lens glare. Its all a learning experience and I hope to get better the more i practice on my willing participants.

I didn't even know this weekend is the busiest weekend for taking those holiday photos until an hour before I was to go to this family.

I'm still keeping up with exercises/PT and am planning to do the 5K in May 2011 with my Uncle, granted we both feel well and nobody gets married that day.

I am looking forward to it.

Hope everyone is well. I've been bad about keeping up with my blog.
Above photo is of me after I walked on the Lite Gait Treadmill - I'm hooked up and when i got done, I just decided to hang there and swing!!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas Holiday!

Holly Jolly Christmas Holidays!

I started using a Shutterfly card for Christmas over 4 years ago. At that time, I did the classic 4x8 cards. Each company I tried, it would only allow a certain amount of text. Then I came upon Shutterfly. First they had all kinds of fun designs that none of the other companies had. Plus I could write more text; kids ages etc.

Last year I did my first 5x7 flat stationary card. I LOVED them. Plus the response I got from everyone was so positive. Such great quality and wonderful designs. I always do a photo of my nieces & nephews and I, the cards turned out so cute. I was so excited to see the new 2010 collection. I looked at every single one. This year I’m using a photo of the kids and I. I also used a couple of photos of myself when I was in Albuquerque at the balloon festival. I like the different layouts. So many to choose from and I like they have some for Christmas and also for Hanukkah. The quality is superb. Once you try them, you’ll love them and so will your recipients. They’ll keep these from year after year!

I have not only used the 5x7 cards for Christmas but also for invites. I used them for my sister’s 40th birthday and everyone thought they were so fancy.

I also discovered a new product called the desktop plaque – I ordered the 5x5 size and it is just perfect. Perfect for upcoming gifts! Once again the quality on these is beyond superb. I just love them and am tickled pink about them.
Here’s the link – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed:

I have done calendars every year for my parent’s office and now this year they have added new designs. I can’t wait to get started on those.

Here’s a link to some of the new Holiday cards. There is such a huge array to choose from. You can click on Christmas to see those cards as well.

I’m very pleased with the quality of Shutterfly, I don’t think I could say that enough. They keep getting better and better and make it exciting for the customer to keep coming back and checking out their new products. Thank you Shutterfly for making our holidays brighter.

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à

The above photo is from last years 5x7 stationary card

Happy Holidays everyone.

Friday, April 30, 2010

I won't be doing the 5k this May after all. My nephew gets confirmed and has his first Communion that day, soooooooo I was a bit disappointed but I'll keep walking - keep on keeping on. i still go to gym and have been doing good. My back has been giving me problems when i try to walk a lot, so I got my first treatment last week where my PT guy cracked my back. It felt pretty amazing. I see him twice next week and hopefully i'll be able to walk more. I do other machines too. I don't feel i'm sliding back, just some days are harder than others. Could be an age thing. Could be dystonia. Who knows, but I'll keep on going.

I bought a new DSLR camera a few weeks ago and have been having a blast with it. Taking pictures of the moon, so COOL! Flowers and kids. We have had a great spring so far.

I'll try to be better about updating.