Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camera troubles

Actually its not 'camera troubles', its more stupidity on my part. I bought my camera in April, bought a card then and used it all summer - no issues. I then bought a bigger card before my Albuquerque trip, and took over 800 pics, which is nothing compared to what the other girls shot. Holy Macrole.

So anyway, I wanted to bring my camera today to gym as this is my last session with Scott (PT) before we meet up in a couple months. We go for a little bit, take a break then start up again. I'm still at the gym working out; just moreso on my own. So it will be interesting to see how i do on my laps. I had Scott take pictures of me in action on the Lite Gaite. Just showing me walking and hooked up to the machine. Then he starts to get this message saying "Card Not Formatted", I tried to power on and off but nothing and then Terrance tried to get a photo of Scott & I and he kept getting that message and nothing would happen thereafter. So I took it home and thought I could work some magic.....but I can't even retrieve images off my card. I had other bokeh pictures on there, just playing around practicing photography. Grrrrr, guess i should have maybe formatted my card BEFORE I used it. I put in my other card and did format that - I never knew. Guess i should have read the manual a little more closer! I'm hoping someone can get back to me and tell me how to retrive those images. I think I'm SOL.

So, today I did 5 intervals, I think. We'd bump it up to 3.1 and I'd walk that pace for a minute, then slow down for a minute. On and on......I think my last one was 3.5. That was a workout, i couldn't help but not laugh, trying to catch up. So when all was done I walked 30 min 1o sec, and I fluctuated between 2.3 and 2.4 for speed and kept bumping it up. I was at 2.7 at the end making that 1.31 miles. I'm not sure exactly how far it is, but its further than last time; which is good. I hope by next May, I don't leave my uncle in the dust. hehehe
My goal now is to keep this up. I'd like to try the treadmill in the gym, but i had issues before and am not sure I feel comfortable with doing it without having someone near me. They are talking about me using the Lite Gaite - I'd have to have someone hook me up and then i can pretty much walk on my own. I'll just hang til someone can unhook me. For now, I'll do my laps in the gym. Thats how I see everyone anyway!

Oh, before I walked on the Lite Gaite, Scott cracked my back and he got some good pops. (thats the reason I wanted to come to him in the first place - I thought he'd just crack me!! ah haha)

Until next time, stay warm and eat lots of goodies!
I better start my wrapping too.


  1. You poor thing. How horrible! You might email your local camera store there and see if there's anything they could do (or is it too late?)

  2. I hope that it was resolved by now. I'm not so sure I would use that card again. Yesterday Kyleigh knocked Diego off the bed, it rolled down the side on the covers and then tumbled on the floor. I almost had a brain aneurysm watching it happen. Diego seems ok but WOW! it almost killed me watching that happen!