Thursday, August 27, 2009

Having FUN

I love going to gym because I get so much support from everyone. Charlotte really knows how to calm my worries and fears. I know she is in my corner along w/ my new Twitter friends, Shutterfly friends, and just my friends in general. This is all new to my parents so I can now understand their fears - after talking with Charlotte. This is something I WANT to do. I want to get stronger and I feel I am everyday. I know when to stop, and I know when I can keep going.

I need to do more walking outside. Gotta get my butt off this computer and walk outside more.

They'll be happy for me once they see I CAN do this.

Today I did 15 laps and felt fine. Charlotte thought the reason my outer thighs were hurting Tuesday, was because I wasn't used to this. She said I'm probably building muscle! Woo-hoo!

I LOVE jumping pictures and I got a great one of my niece & nephew and their cousins. I just think its a fun look. Well, I thought I'd try...LOL!! I had a blast jumping on the mini trampoline trying to see if I could get my knees up as high as my niece Abby. First of all, she's 6 and I'm 41! I still wanted to try. So Charlotte gets my camera and starts taking pictures. It was fun to do but I just couldn't get my knees up super high. Guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself as this was my first time. One day I'll jump super-high.

So the photo above is the one we got. I'll have to tell her to keep snapping next time. I'll practice more next week. Ufta as fun as that is, it is a HUGE work-out. But I can't wait to try again!!!

Have a good day and try jumping - its fun!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling a bit worried

Hi all,

I did fine walking 12 laps when I got to gym. I took about a 10-15 min break then went on and did SEVENTEEN more! Yeah, 17!!! Towards about the 15th lap, both my outer thighs started to hurt. So I stopped. I think I could have kept going had I not had that pain. It wasn't a terrible pain, but I know if I kept going - it might get as bad as when I did the Streetfair. I just hope I can get stronger and increase my pace before the Cancer Walk end of Sept. It's 2 miles.

So I'll just have to keep it at this pace, and see if the pain lessens.

Thats about it for today. Walking my niece (6) to get her pedicare and nails painted before school starts tomorrow. We are going later this afternoon.

Keep on fighting!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can do this.

I was/am having apprehension doing the Roger Maris Cancer Walk Sept 26th. I will do this whether I have to sit down half way for a bit and then keep on going. I can only do my best and I'm hoping I can pull this off. I need to start walking EVERY day - maybe not a mile, but just some walking on days i can't make it to gym. Once I get on this computer doing all my Shutterfly stuff, I can't seem to get my butt off. So I need to make a point to do this. Even if its walking my hallways in my building.

Charlotte is so easy to talk to and she is so compassionate and so encouraging. I LOVE going to gym, I have never seen so many nods of approval, or people telling me how good I'm doing. That is a major help! I just love it. Charlotte will listen to any gripe or concern I have and come up w/ a solution - like we can sit down in the middle of the walk or if you don't feel like u can finish she said she'd get her car. Thank u Charlotte for your encouragement. I do feel I walk better when i walk w/ someone. So I just have to put it in my mind that I CAN do this and I will finish.

This is my first walk (2mil) and I really want to do it. It would be good for me to start w/ these 'smaller' events. I just gotta keep walking so I can do 24 at once. I don't need to push it, just slowly start progressing.

I walked 12 laps right away at gym. I did some jogging too and that always whips me out. I feel my legs getting stronger so I must be doing something right. Then I had my stretch with Charlotte which is my most favorite besides my massages! I feel so relaxed, its awesome being stretched and pulled, pressed on!! Then I wanted to try for 12 more as my ride was coming at 5 after 11. It was now 10:40ish am - did I do it? Why yes I did!

Then I walked down to lobby and the door lady Shirley said I look exhausted! I then went home, did a little computer work, had a quick lunch and walked to my next appointment. I love living close enough where I can walk - but the dreaded winter is coming and I'm not good on ice.

As I was leaving, I heard the Flying Blue Angels practicing in the sky. So I sat down HOPING to get a photo but they move too darn fast. So then I was taking pictures of the clouds and ME - imagine that!! The above photo is of me waiting for the planes to go over. I just wasn't fast enough. So while I was sitting there, close to the entrance of the grocery store, my dad of all people pulls in and asks what I'm doing!! I tried to get the planes but it was next to impossible, so I found my dad in the store and walked around with him.

Then I went home and have been trying to brainstorm w/ Tammy from the Dystonia foundation on how I can spread the word about Dystonia in my area. It is very important to me that people learn about this as it is so rare and seems rather foreign; especially in my area. I think people want to learn about it. I just don't know how to get it out there. I'm trying to raise money for Dystonia, trying to help those who are having a harder time. Kind of like a support person. So if you have questions or how I can spread the word about Dystonia - let me know.

Enjoy your day and remember to laugh every day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I walked 12 laps = 1 mile and I could feel I was a bit tight but I did ok. Thats what I get for not doing much walking this weekend. It was icky and raining so I didn't get to walk back and forth like I usually do at the lakes.

I rested and visited a little w/ Charlotte. Then I said i was going to walk 12 more and she was going for lunch. Well, as i was coming around the corner, i saw her w/ my camera taking pictures of ME. Most of them turned out dark and blurry - i must have been flying fast. LOL

There's one picture where I'm running towards her and my mouth is down to the floor. I forgot how big my mouth is! It cracks me up because i look like i was scared. We will have to try again sometime, doing our walking/running photo session. I'm not sure how far i walked since i kept running back and forth. I got a good workout and it was fun. We gotta make these fun or they'll just be hum-drum boring.

I am going to walk the Roger Maris Cancer walk end of Sept. Its 2 miles so I better get moving on doing 24 laps at once!!

Then i had to run a couple errands with my dad and we walked quite a bit. We were in one building and I said lets take the stairs - its only 3 flights down (or so I thought). I hate waiting for slow elevators. I think we went down 5 flights; sure seemed long. Then we had to go to a store because my phone ran out of minutes. This store is HUGE and its not my favorite but it will remain nameless so I don't offend anyone. I got a workout walking in the parking lot and to the back of the store. We did have a very nice young lady helping us; so that made it nicer! On the way in, i saw a car w/ my sisters name on the license plate, so I said to myself if that car is still there when we leave, I'm taking a photo of the license to email my sister!! It was, so I ran to the car and took 3 photos. What a nerd!

Thats about it. Photo above is an awful one of me, but i think its funny. I look scared out of my mind with my eyes popped out and mouth WIDE open. Next time i will close mouth. Its so hard when i'm laughing so much.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dystonia Awareness

Hello everyone. As most of you know or may not know, at the age of 10 1/2, I got sick. It wasn't until nearly 18 years later that I found a neurologist who took my case to heart. She diagnosed me with dystonia, a rare neurological movement disorder. I have been doing well - One of my favorite mottos - "It is what it is". I did have a pretty hard time in 2006-2007. After trying several medicines, I found one that is actually helping me. I still have troubles now and then but overall I'm doing well. Positive energy helps.

Neither my family nor I had ever heard anything about dystonia until I was diagnosed. We'd do research online, get information from my doctors and we would learn what we could.

Then on July 22nd 2009, my eyes were opened during Dystonia Twitter Awareness Day. I didn't know what to say or even where to begin. I knew many people had it but didn't know to what degree until I got to visit with them via Twitter. It was very inspiring to meet others with dystonia. Some have it the same as I do; some are much worse and in chronic pain 24/7. It was eye-opening for me and quite interesting. What was really reiterated that day - we may have dystonia, but dystonia does not have us - and it doesn't have me.

I've decided to do something to not only raise awareness but to also help. I've started to learn more about dystonia through the Dystonia Dialogue, sharing information about dystonia, answering questions people may ask when they see me in my DMRF tshirt. I've also started a blog and have begun to actively talk about dystonia on Twitter and Facebook. Why am I doing all of this? To help people become more aware of dystonia.

I want to ask you to consider making a contribution in support of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF). They do a lot for the dystonia community.

Hope this link opens for you. If not, let me know. Click here:

Please don't feel obligated to send money - just trying to raise awareness and help DMRF. Feel free to pass this on to others if you wish.

If you choose to send money either by check or credit card, know you are indeed helping the DMRF. With your help and support, maybe one day the word 'dystonia' won't be so foreign.
Thank you for your time,
Joey Tehle


Today at gym I didn't have my side-kick Jack w/ me. Maybe next week before they start school. Anyway, I started out with a few warm-up stretches, then proceeded to walk and walk! I did 13 laps at first; a mile plus 1! Then took a break and walked 15!!! Charlotte joined me for the last 2. I could have gone more i think, but I was running out of time. I feel I walk so much better and like I'm able to keep going w/ someone beside me.

I want to walk the Roger Maris walk on Sept 26th. Charlotte thought it might be wise if I got practice doing smaller walks first before jumping into the BIG one! Charlotte said she wants to walk w/ me. How cool is that!

The only problem is my nephew's 14th bday is the 28th and we usually go down the weekend before; which is the weekend of the walk!! I'd love to be at David's to take pictures but I really want to do this walk. I think it would be good practice. Hopefully my family won't be too mad at me if I skip one birthday! This walking is very important to me.

Be well & stay positive!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm a movin' movin'!

I went to gym with my nephew Jack. He tried to walk with me. I think we did 4 laps then he sat in a chair and when I came back around again he finished the 8 with me! Way to go Jack!! Thats a lot for an 8.5 year old who isn't really used to this. Then we came back and sat on the blue mat for awhile and played catch with the big work-out balls. I was trying to think of things we could do so he wouldn't be so bored. So we put our feet together and thought it would be fun to pull each other...well his arms were too short so I got one of those thera-bands and we were having fun pulling each other - then BAM! it busted - oops! Jack was laughing then got embarassed. I think he thought he was in trouble. Everyone said hi to him; which he liked!

I wanted to walk some more but Jack didn't feel up to it so he sat on the blue mat and watched people and as I walked by, I'd wave at him!! About the 10th lap he joined me and we even ran a little. He's a fast one. He was whipping Auntie's butt!! Then we came back and rested a bit before we left and on the way out Charlotte saw us so we went in her office and visited a bit. She offered him almonds and he liked them!! Who knew, Jack is a pretty picker eater! That was funny.

I then went home, did some computer stuff and had lunch. Then I walked to my monthly massage!! It feels so good. The hour goes by too fast. Massages are so good on my muscles; like my stretches. I have heard others who have dystonia say that they really help them too. I'm just like a zombie when she's done.
Be well.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stronger & stronger

Hi everyone,

Today I got to gym a little later than normal -I actually overslept!! Not that I have a set time I need to be at gym. Just the earlier, the better.

I did some quick leg stretches and then off i went. I didn't time myself - thought I'd wait til next week. I didn't do any running. Trying to keep the foot doing well. Maybe my left foot is just getting fatter!! Seriously, I am feeling better and was able to walk a mile; 12 laps. Then I rested and had my stretch w/ Charlotte. I have 3 scheduled this month! Yeah!! It feels so good to have someone else stretch u. I just love it. After my stretch, I walked another 12 laps. So 2 miles total. Now i have to work on doing two miles all at once! Ufta.

A special thank you to Lisa M - my Shutterfly friend- for saying you'd walk w/ me. Too bad TX and ND are so far apart! That was very sweet of you.

Still checking out other walks in my area - or maybe I'll fly to TX to walk w/ Lisa!! Its hotter than a dickens out there. We'd both probably have heat strokes.

My niece Abby & nephew Jack both stayed over-night Tuesday. It was fun to have them over but I was sure tired this morning. We got up Wed and I took them to a playground thats about 2.5 blocks away. They thought it was fun. It was more like a jungle-gym. After being there for over an hour, they were getting sick of each other so wanted to head back. Since they don't seem to like any food I have, their mom picked them up; she was going to around noon anyway. She had a stressful morning w/ Madeline, her two year ols. I thought I was giving her a break but I think Madeline needed to be here too. Too bad she isn't potty trained. Then she could. She is sweet even though she is busy busy.

So all in all I'm plugging along. Trying to recruit people to walk with me

Hope you all are good and happy. I have a bit of a headache so I'm laying down for a bit after I finish this. Be well.
Above photo is of Abby in the jungle gym playground. Look at those leg muscles. Impressive for a 6 year old. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back on!!

My foot feels fine so I asked one of my trainers, Charlotte, about it, and she said its hard to tell. I think i was just looking for confirmation that I could start walking again. I did the rower, and some strength machines, and then I did 13 laps; which is a mile plus 1! Pretty good since I took last week easy.

Charlotte suggested I try other walks within the community. Lisa, another trainer, said there are all kinds. I guess i never knew or never paid much attention to it. I looked online today and found a few. Some don't have the registration up, yet. Charlotte said that it might be a good idea to try some of these other walks instead of jumping into the big Marathon. It will give me a feel for the atmosphere etc. So, I'll see if i can find any and maybe I can round up some people to walk w/ me!!

The above photo is one my niece took of me on Thursday while they came to the gym w/ me. I'm on the rower.

Enjoy your day and believe in the impossible!