Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stronger & stronger

Hi everyone,

Today I got to gym a little later than normal -I actually overslept!! Not that I have a set time I need to be at gym. Just the earlier, the better.

I did some quick leg stretches and then off i went. I didn't time myself - thought I'd wait til next week. I didn't do any running. Trying to keep the foot doing well. Maybe my left foot is just getting fatter!! Seriously, I am feeling better and was able to walk a mile; 12 laps. Then I rested and had my stretch w/ Charlotte. I have 3 scheduled this month! Yeah!! It feels so good to have someone else stretch u. I just love it. After my stretch, I walked another 12 laps. So 2 miles total. Now i have to work on doing two miles all at once! Ufta.

A special thank you to Lisa M - my Shutterfly friend- for saying you'd walk w/ me. Too bad TX and ND are so far apart! That was very sweet of you.

Still checking out other walks in my area - or maybe I'll fly to TX to walk w/ Lisa!! Its hotter than a dickens out there. We'd both probably have heat strokes.

My niece Abby & nephew Jack both stayed over-night Tuesday. It was fun to have them over but I was sure tired this morning. We got up Wed and I took them to a playground thats about 2.5 blocks away. They thought it was fun. It was more like a jungle-gym. After being there for over an hour, they were getting sick of each other so wanted to head back. Since they don't seem to like any food I have, their mom picked them up; she was going to around noon anyway. She had a stressful morning w/ Madeline, her two year ols. I thought I was giving her a break but I think Madeline needed to be here too. Too bad she isn't potty trained. Then she could. She is sweet even though she is busy busy.

So all in all I'm plugging along. Trying to recruit people to walk with me

Hope you all are good and happy. I have a bit of a headache so I'm laying down for a bit after I finish this. Be well.
Above photo is of Abby in the jungle gym playground. Look at those leg muscles. Impressive for a 6 year old. Enjoy!!


  1. Joey......
    Looks like you will have a whole crowd of SF buds there to cheer you on! How exciting!

    Great job on the 2 miles! I can't wait to be active again. GO YOU! Keep going........

  2. Those are impressive muscles for a six year old! My six year old has twigs with no muscle on them, sorry honey, you got my genes!

    Glad to hear the foot is getting better.