Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can do this.

I was/am having apprehension doing the Roger Maris Cancer Walk Sept 26th. I will do this whether I have to sit down half way for a bit and then keep on going. I can only do my best and I'm hoping I can pull this off. I need to start walking EVERY day - maybe not a mile, but just some walking on days i can't make it to gym. Once I get on this computer doing all my Shutterfly stuff, I can't seem to get my butt off. So I need to make a point to do this. Even if its walking my hallways in my building.

Charlotte is so easy to talk to and she is so compassionate and so encouraging. I LOVE going to gym, I have never seen so many nods of approval, or people telling me how good I'm doing. That is a major help! I just love it. Charlotte will listen to any gripe or concern I have and come up w/ a solution - like we can sit down in the middle of the walk or if you don't feel like u can finish she said she'd get her car. Thank u Charlotte for your encouragement. I do feel I walk better when i walk w/ someone. So I just have to put it in my mind that I CAN do this and I will finish.

This is my first walk (2mil) and I really want to do it. It would be good for me to start w/ these 'smaller' events. I just gotta keep walking so I can do 24 at once. I don't need to push it, just slowly start progressing.

I walked 12 laps right away at gym. I did some jogging too and that always whips me out. I feel my legs getting stronger so I must be doing something right. Then I had my stretch with Charlotte which is my most favorite besides my massages! I feel so relaxed, its awesome being stretched and pulled, pressed on!! Then I wanted to try for 12 more as my ride was coming at 5 after 11. It was now 10:40ish am - did I do it? Why yes I did!

Then I walked down to lobby and the door lady Shirley said I look exhausted! I then went home, did a little computer work, had a quick lunch and walked to my next appointment. I love living close enough where I can walk - but the dreaded winter is coming and I'm not good on ice.

As I was leaving, I heard the Flying Blue Angels practicing in the sky. So I sat down HOPING to get a photo but they move too darn fast. So then I was taking pictures of the clouds and ME - imagine that!! The above photo is of me waiting for the planes to go over. I just wasn't fast enough. So while I was sitting there, close to the entrance of the grocery store, my dad of all people pulls in and asks what I'm doing!! I tried to get the planes but it was next to impossible, so I found my dad in the store and walked around with him.

Then I went home and have been trying to brainstorm w/ Tammy from the Dystonia foundation on how I can spread the word about Dystonia in my area. It is very important to me that people learn about this as it is so rare and seems rather foreign; especially in my area. I think people want to learn about it. I just don't know how to get it out there. I'm trying to raise money for Dystonia, trying to help those who are having a harder time. Kind of like a support person. So if you have questions or how I can spread the word about Dystonia - let me know.

Enjoy your day and remember to laugh every day!

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  1. You have a lot of people supporting you for the Cancer walk Joey. Wish I could be there to walk/wheel with you. This walk might be a great opportunity to bring awareness to Dystonia!