Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back on!!

My foot feels fine so I asked one of my trainers, Charlotte, about it, and she said its hard to tell. I think i was just looking for confirmation that I could start walking again. I did the rower, and some strength machines, and then I did 13 laps; which is a mile plus 1! Pretty good since I took last week easy.

Charlotte suggested I try other walks within the community. Lisa, another trainer, said there are all kinds. I guess i never knew or never paid much attention to it. I looked online today and found a few. Some don't have the registration up, yet. Charlotte said that it might be a good idea to try some of these other walks instead of jumping into the big Marathon. It will give me a feel for the atmosphere etc. So, I'll see if i can find any and maybe I can round up some people to walk w/ me!!

The above photo is one my niece took of me on Thursday while they came to the gym w/ me. I'm on the rower.

Enjoy your day and believe in the impossible!

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  1. Joey I'm glad to hear the foot is getting better :) I think trying some of the other marathons is a good idea :) If I lived closer I would walk with you :)
    The picture on the rower is awesome!!!!!!
    Love the picture of ya'll soaking your feet, looks so nice.