Monday, September 12, 2011

My new bike

For some reason this picture wouldn't post on my previous post, so here it is:

Sweet new ride

I just got this bike today - September
12, 2011!
I had been trying out another bike for
a month or so. That worked fine, but it was
older and the first time i took it out,
the chain fell off twice. Thank Goodness
for cell phones. Anyway, Craig of Paramount
Sports found me a NEW bike - these
are actually called Adult-trikes.
It has an electric assist so if my legs
get tired from pedaling, i just press a
button on the read-out and it gives me
quite the kick. It goes almost too fast, just
something i need to get used to. I'm looking
forward to taking fall pictures and just going out and
exploring. A great means of exercise and
a new and fun way to get out.

Summer was busy, always goes by
way too fast!! I enjoyed taking pictures
throughout summer!