Friday, April 30, 2010

I won't be doing the 5k this May after all. My nephew gets confirmed and has his first Communion that day, soooooooo I was a bit disappointed but I'll keep walking - keep on keeping on. i still go to gym and have been doing good. My back has been giving me problems when i try to walk a lot, so I got my first treatment last week where my PT guy cracked my back. It felt pretty amazing. I see him twice next week and hopefully i'll be able to walk more. I do other machines too. I don't feel i'm sliding back, just some days are harder than others. Could be an age thing. Could be dystonia. Who knows, but I'll keep on going.

I bought a new DSLR camera a few weeks ago and have been having a blast with it. Taking pictures of the moon, so COOL! Flowers and kids. We have had a great spring so far.

I'll try to be better about updating.