Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I walked 12 laps = 1 mile and I could feel I was a bit tight but I did ok. Thats what I get for not doing much walking this weekend. It was icky and raining so I didn't get to walk back and forth like I usually do at the lakes.

I rested and visited a little w/ Charlotte. Then I said i was going to walk 12 more and she was going for lunch. Well, as i was coming around the corner, i saw her w/ my camera taking pictures of ME. Most of them turned out dark and blurry - i must have been flying fast. LOL

There's one picture where I'm running towards her and my mouth is down to the floor. I forgot how big my mouth is! It cracks me up because i look like i was scared. We will have to try again sometime, doing our walking/running photo session. I'm not sure how far i walked since i kept running back and forth. I got a good workout and it was fun. We gotta make these fun or they'll just be hum-drum boring.

I am going to walk the Roger Maris Cancer walk end of Sept. Its 2 miles so I better get moving on doing 24 laps at once!!

Then i had to run a couple errands with my dad and we walked quite a bit. We were in one building and I said lets take the stairs - its only 3 flights down (or so I thought). I hate waiting for slow elevators. I think we went down 5 flights; sure seemed long. Then we had to go to a store because my phone ran out of minutes. This store is HUGE and its not my favorite but it will remain nameless so I don't offend anyone. I got a workout walking in the parking lot and to the back of the store. We did have a very nice young lady helping us; so that made it nicer! On the way in, i saw a car w/ my sisters name on the license plate, so I said to myself if that car is still there when we leave, I'm taking a photo of the license to email my sister!! It was, so I ran to the car and took 3 photos. What a nerd!

Thats about it. Photo above is an awful one of me, but i think its funny. I look scared out of my mind with my eyes popped out and mouth WIDE open. Next time i will close mouth. Its so hard when i'm laughing so much.

Enjoy your day.

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  1. Too funny Joey! Looks like you have a pierced tongue! Glad to hear you are doing the cancer walk in September.