Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm a movin' movin'!

I went to gym with my nephew Jack. He tried to walk with me. I think we did 4 laps then he sat in a chair and when I came back around again he finished the 8 with me! Way to go Jack!! Thats a lot for an 8.5 year old who isn't really used to this. Then we came back and sat on the blue mat for awhile and played catch with the big work-out balls. I was trying to think of things we could do so he wouldn't be so bored. So we put our feet together and thought it would be fun to pull each other...well his arms were too short so I got one of those thera-bands and we were having fun pulling each other - then BAM! it busted - oops! Jack was laughing then got embarassed. I think he thought he was in trouble. Everyone said hi to him; which he liked!

I wanted to walk some more but Jack didn't feel up to it so he sat on the blue mat and watched people and as I walked by, I'd wave at him!! About the 10th lap he joined me and we even ran a little. He's a fast one. He was whipping Auntie's butt!! Then we came back and rested a bit before we left and on the way out Charlotte saw us so we went in her office and visited a bit. She offered him almonds and he liked them!! Who knew, Jack is a pretty picker eater! That was funny.

I then went home, did some computer stuff and had lunch. Then I walked to my monthly massage!! It feels so good. The hour goes by too fast. Massages are so good on my muscles; like my stretches. I have heard others who have dystonia say that they really help them too. I'm just like a zombie when she's done.
Be well.

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