Thursday, August 27, 2009

Having FUN

I love going to gym because I get so much support from everyone. Charlotte really knows how to calm my worries and fears. I know she is in my corner along w/ my new Twitter friends, Shutterfly friends, and just my friends in general. This is all new to my parents so I can now understand their fears - after talking with Charlotte. This is something I WANT to do. I want to get stronger and I feel I am everyday. I know when to stop, and I know when I can keep going.

I need to do more walking outside. Gotta get my butt off this computer and walk outside more.

They'll be happy for me once they see I CAN do this.

Today I did 15 laps and felt fine. Charlotte thought the reason my outer thighs were hurting Tuesday, was because I wasn't used to this. She said I'm probably building muscle! Woo-hoo!

I LOVE jumping pictures and I got a great one of my niece & nephew and their cousins. I just think its a fun look. Well, I thought I'd try...LOL!! I had a blast jumping on the mini trampoline trying to see if I could get my knees up as high as my niece Abby. First of all, she's 6 and I'm 41! I still wanted to try. So Charlotte gets my camera and starts taking pictures. It was fun to do but I just couldn't get my knees up super high. Guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself as this was my first time. One day I'll jump super-high.

So the photo above is the one we got. I'll have to tell her to keep snapping next time. I'll practice more next week. Ufta as fun as that is, it is a HUGE work-out. But I can't wait to try again!!!

Have a good day and try jumping - its fun!!

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