Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling good

I brought in some Dystonia Dialogue magazine's to pass out to the PT dept, Sports Medicine, and one extra one. I even gave one to the door lady. I'm on page 19, just a photo of me in my DMRF shirt. Trying to spread awareness; which is harder than I thought.

I walked 17 laps at first and felt good. Came back to 'my' little blue mat and had a snack, did some stretches. Was also looking over the Roger Maris Cancer walk brochure Charlotte gave me for registration. Getting exciting. Her reassurance of knowing she'll be there makes me feel 100% better. This is my first walk like this, so it is a rather big deal. I need practice walking in big crowds. Not sure how big this will be. And it will be nice everyone will be walking in same direction!! Unlike crowded malls! Yuck!

I then did some more jumping - running and jumping. It took me awhile to figure that out last week. But I did it, I think Charlotte was impressed!! Next I'll try a cartwheel! LOL

Then I walked 15 more times - so all in all it was a good workout!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Until next time....

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