Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two more days

Saturday is the 'big' Roger Maris Cancer Walk. I say 'big', because to me I'm sure it will seem big as this will be my first one EVER.
I must admit that I am a bit nervous just because I don't really know what to expect. Charlotte & I walked part of the race and at first I was concerned that we'd all be crowded on the sidewalk, but she said they open the streets up for this; which made me feel more at ease. I really hope there isn't a lot of baby strollers, dogs on leashes, that I might trip over! Charlotte asked for my dads number in case something happened to me. If anything happens to me - we will call 911! I highly doubt anything will happen but she said she just wanted to have a plan of action. The only thing I foresee happening is i may have to sit down for a minute or so. I'll just see how I do. I am not concerned about time at this time, just want to complete. Although, I'd rather not come in last. I was getting very warm today and asked Charlotte why she isn't sweating and she said it may be because this is a little slower pace than what she does when she walks. So I'll just have to kick it up a notch and show her who is boss!! Ah-hahaha!! We saw so many beautiful flowers on the way. I can't let that distract me!! So there will be no photo ops on the route. I wanna keep going. Thanks Tiffany for saying you would take pics if you were here. (she lives in Michigan)!
We'll get some before and after!

So before we walked outside, i walked 5 laps to warm me up - then we walked. Then I just did stretches, the Bose; which is easier now. Kind of taking it easy. Don't want to stress out but I also want to maintain. I'll try to get out and walk tomorrow morning before it rains.

One step, two I come!
Have a good day and I appreciate everyone's support! :)

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