Thursday, September 17, 2009

Left Foot, Right Foot!!

Moving along and doing well. I finished 24 laps at gym; which is 2 miles!! YIPPEE!!

I could tell i was getting fatigued towards end. I sat down and had my little snack (spice drops); which the therapists laugh at!! I could bring in a dish of ice-cream!! After I sat awhile, i did more jumping. That gets my heart moving. I have never sweated so much since i started all this walking. I feel it is so good for me. I may not be the best, or the faster, but I AM DOING IT. i even ran a little. It's funny when people start to chase me!!

After gym I picked up 2 cheeseburgers w/ mustard, ketchup, mayo & pickles on it! Something seems wrong about that - working out then having fast food!! I did eat a fresh tomato from my building owner with it, so it was a partially healthy lunch!!

Have a splendid day. Never give up on dreams.

Above lovely photo is from my big walk yesterday!

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