Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy days

On Thursday I went to gym w/ my niece Abby (6) & nephew Jack (8.5). I thought they'd be bored out of their minds but I also thought it would be fun for them to see what I do while at gym. Since I'm supposed to take it easy, I knew I wouldn't be walking 12 laps so figured it would just be a simple work-out. They thought the rower was funny. Abby took a couple of pictures (bad angles!) and then they watched me do some of the strength machines. I think they felt pretty special how a few people came up to them and were visiting w/ them about things they like to do etc. That was cool! I also asked one of my trainers Kendall, if I could walk 3 laps and he said as long as your foot feels ok - but no running!! So the kids and I walked 3 laps and they were tired after the 3rd lap! Then I did some stretches and they were on a couple machines, just trying them out. They kept asking if they'd get in trouble and I told them I'm watching them so everything should be ok, just be careful.

After gym, Abby came to my place w/ the intent of staying over-night as Friday (today) we had pedicure appointments. So I thought we could just walk over in the morning. After pizza and a treat, she wanted a bubble bath w/ TONS of bubbles. It was pretty cute. Then she had a bit of a melt-down and missed her mom. Long story short, my sister came to get her and Jack stayed over instead. We watched one of his movies; which meant Auntie fell asleep. He was laughing though.

Friday morning I got up and got ready and when the disposal ran, he woke up asking 'what's that noise'. He hears everything and there are all kinds of odd noises in my place which I'm used to now. So we walked to the Salon and for some reason I was having trouble. We just had to cross the street again and we'd be there (it's about 2.5 blocks from my place). So I had to sit on the grass a little bit; which concerned Jack. I said I'm ok - my legs are giving me a bit of trouble. He helped me up as best he could and we made it to the salon. We were a bit early so I was able to sit and I thanked Jack for helping me. I don't know why that came on. I guess my muscles are bound to not cooperate from time to time.

So Traci (my sister) and Abby arrived at the salon and I told her I'd call if we need a ride. So Jack went w/ his mom and Abby and I went back to get our Pedicures. It was Abby's first one and she loved it. She even got her nails done. Thanks Rita! We walked back to my place and I had no problems.

All in all it was a good couple days. Busy but good.

My foot is still a bit swollen but seems better. I'll get it checked next week.

Above photo is of my niece & I soaking our feet!
Have a good weekend everyone.

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