Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Staying strong

I lost all the blogs I was following. I wonder how that happened? Ugh!

Anyway, my hip is feeling better. It was still sore by Saturday but took it easy the rest of the weekend.
At gym today I got there a little later than normal and did a few warm-up stretches then I started walking. I know I need to get outside more and walk. Its much easier to keep track of how far I have gone at the gym, as I know how far a mile is. So today I did 12 laps AGAIN and felt good at 18 52 min. Then I took a break and visited and walked another 12 this time in 19 min. I was getting a side cramp so that may have slowed me down. But still another 2 miles. I'm breaking it up, but it seems to work better for me to have a break in-between. I'll keep at the 2 miles and one day I'll be able to walk 24 at once - gradually increasing that is!!
Thanks everyone for the support. I can't thank you enough.
Until next time....
Stay strong!

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