Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I started this journey, I went at it and was very excited. I kept improving every week. It was inspiring to see myself progress in such a way. I did go at it kind of strong. I felt GREAT, so just kept on going. If I didn't feel well, then I would have stopped. It was encouraging feeling all the support at gym and everywhere. Since this is VERY new to me, I should have taken it slower.

Sunday when I put on my sandals I thought this is strange, why does my left shoe feel so much tighter. Once I looked at my foot, it was obvious it was swollen, compared to the right foot. My feet do turn in at the ankles. So I showed my parents and my mom thought it was a stress-fracture. She is concerned about me even attempting this. So I have been keeping my foot elevated at night. I said I'd have someone at gym check it Tuesday.

I saw Al, another Exercise Physiologist Trainer, and I asked if he had a second. He looked at my foot and said it is swollen. He moved it around to see if it caused any pain; which it didn't. He said w/ a stress fracture you'd be in pain especially at night. He said to just take it eay; which bummed me out but I know it is for the best. I said can I do any laps and he said only two, and I said how about 5!! He said you better stick w/ two. So I did two then did other machines and different exercises. As i was leaving Charlotte gave me a bag of ice and they (she and Al) both said I should ice it two times a day 20-30 minutes. Aleve/Ibprofen will also reduce the swelling.

My dad said he has a couple of those frozen ice packets. So when i got home, I took two Ibprofen and laid down with my foot elevated and the ice pack on. I was only supposed to have it on no longer than 30 min due to possible frostbite. i had a towel under the ice and I zonked right out; well after about 15 min. I can never lay on my couch without dozing off. I'll put ice on it again this evening.

When I got home, I saw a new flower popping up on my Gerbera daisy plant. The others had all petered out. And a friend left me flowers from her little girl (6) because I bought her bubbles at the grocery store. Flowers make me happy! Something new to photograph.

Photo above is of the bird I captured on my deck!! He didn't move even when I opened the patio!

Just a mild set back. I will keep at this and I will FINISH even if I'm last! For now, I'll just take care of this foot so it doesn't get worse.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your foot Joey. Sending prayers it heals fast and you get back to walking 2 miles plus~Kim