Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hanging in...

Yesterday I woke up and didn't feel the best. Was extremley tired and my throat started to hurt towards evening, kind of hard to swallow.

I wasn't sure I'd make it to gym, but even though I still was very tired, I decided to go. I heard exercise is good when one doesn't feel well.

I did a few weight machines and then started walking. I walked 10 laps - no breaks in between at 17.32 min - a little faster than Tuesday. Then I took a break - did 5 more at 8 35 min, another break then 5 more laps at 8 45. I was doing some sprints on that last one, don't know why my time was faster. I felt good while doing these so i just kept at it.

Once I got to my sisters, i started feeling crummy again. So I'm taking it easy tonight.

20 laps isn't too bad especially when I'm not feeling 100%!
Photo above is of nephews Jack (L) and David (R) tubing over the 4th!

Have a great night!

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