Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hanging in there!

Today I went to gym did my usual rower, then started the walking. I walked 5 laps on my own at 7 min 57 sec. I felt a bit stiff during this walk. But the good thing is I walked w/o sitting down. Charlotte said don't worry so much about the time, its the fact that you are doing it. Maybe the timer I was using is super fast!! LOL Then I rested a bit, did some stretches and some butt crunches. I forget the 'technical name'!! I then decided to try walking more. This time I went NINE more on my own at 18 min 45 sec. Kind of slow, but I shouldn't be so hard on myself. This is just my second week. I'm impressed I went that far w/o sitting down.

My doctor also suggested that I go walk the mall when it's super busy and crowded, like around Christmas!! Sounds like the perfect plan to get me used to crowds and having people stop in front of me etc. Hopefully by Holiday season, I'll be much stronger. So all in all I did 14 laps. Oops, I went one over!

I feel good though. I can for sure feel it in my legs that I worked out! Not used to getting sweaty at gym!

Congrats to Kendall & his wife on their new baby girl Jenna born June 28th. Their 5th daughter!

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe and have FUN!
Above photo is from Charlotte's garden.

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