Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keeping Up!

Went to gym and did my rower than Charlotte was available to walk. So we walked 5x at 7:25 minutes - then 1 more time for a total of 9:04. I thnk we were stopped a few times to visit. Then we took about a 5-8 minute break. (I should keep track of this). Then we went 4x at 6:18 minutes - then another rest break. We then did 3 more times at 5:27 minutes. All that equals 13x around which is a mile plus!! Woo-hoo!! Then I went to my mat and did some stretches, had a little snack, and Eldon yelled at me through the cone and scared me!! Just when I got relaxed! Thanks Eldon. NOT! I then walked another 4-5 laps alone at 7:07 no sitting down in-between. I always lose track when I walk alone of how many laps i do.
I also did 3 sprints which is 60 meters. No idea how far that is - but that's what Al said.
Charlotte said some of the people at gym were saying I look so good and walking so well. She said well it's probably because she's not carrying her heavy purse. My purse isn't heavy, it's what I have in it!!!! LOL - when I go for walks in my neighborhood - I take a lighter canvas bag and just carry my machine and camera (of course) and phone.
After gym, I went to the grocery store and got on more miles!!! Now I'll make some lunch and then I'm going to Charlotte's to take pictures of her flower garden.
It's my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday Tina!!! (Like she ever reads this!)
See you next time!

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