Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's gonna be a long journey

But I am ready for everything that is thrown at me. I visited w/ my trainer (Kendall) for a little bit and I asked where I can get one of those Pedometers so I have a better idea of how far I have walked. My sister called the other day asking what she can get me for my upcoming bday and I HATE that question. I couldn't think of anything but said I'd get back to her if I think of something. On the way to my Wed appointment, it dawned on me that I need a Pedometer. Kendall had an extra one and isn't sure how long it will last, but it should work for awhile. Thanks Kendall. Now I need to think of something for my sister to get me. hmmm!

Kendall said to keep walking and to try to increase it little by little. He suggested i walk around the gym. I think he said walking 3 laps comes to 1 mile. i'll have to work on this. This is all new to me so i will just do what I can and hopefully get stronger day-by-day. Charlotte - another trainer and my stretcher, showed me some exercises i can do to stregthen my balance and work on my leg endurance. So I'll try those next week. i'll have to ask her take pictures of me doing my walking/exercises to post on this site. Or maybe not!

I had an appointment this afternnon which i walked to again, (i had another appointment yesterday too) and walked home - this time it was raining when i was done. I was offered a ride but I was up for the challenge of walking in rain. It went fine - i even ran for a little bit - something i for sure need to work on. My ankles don't feel strong enough when i run.

So this will be a long slow process, but I know i can't push myself too hard or it could result in injury. i'll just see how i do and i am sure i'll have good days and bad days but i will keep up the fight.

i'm excited!

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