Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kicking butt and feeling fine

Today started out as an adventure. I walked to the grocery store by my place to get more batteries for my camera. Surprise Surprise. On the way over I saw this big hammer in the grass. I figured it would be too heavy to carry w/ me and people might think I was a bit nutty for carrying a hammer, so I went and got my batteries and waited for my dad as he was going to take me to gym. I told him about the hammer and I said I know about where it is if you want to drop me off, I'll try to find it. So here I am in this big patch of green grass looking for this hammer. I thought I saw it a few times and ran for it, but no hammer. Long story short i did find it and brought it back to my dad. On the way to the car, i saw this guy coming towards me. i thought he was going to tell me it was his lost hammer. Anyway, this was much funnier to be seen in person. i should have had my dad take pictures.

I got to gym, did the rower and walked 4x around gym. I only sat twice for less than a minute. Then proceeded. Felt really good. i didn't time myself.

Then i sat down on the mat and did a few stretches and just kind of relaxed. Then Charlotte and i walked FIVE awesome is that and it took me 9 min 17 sec. Woo-hoo. Then she stretched me which was VERY relaxing! I still had time left so i said i think i'll walk another lap - well that ended up being FOUR more. I believe it took me 8 minutes. And this time I didn't sit once - just kept on moving. I did sit when i was done. Felt a little tired but now i feel super. Got lots of high-fives! It take 12 laps to make a mile and I did 13 - broken up!!!!
I think I will try to maintain this. I felt I could go more but I want to just take it slow. So far I'm very impressed by what I have done. I can't wait to see how I progress. It really is exciting.
Thank you everyone at Southpoint for your cheers and high-five. Makes me believe I can actually pull this off!!


  1. Joey, that's GREAT!! It's inspiring to see your progress!!

  2. And another high-five from me! Awesome job!!!