Monday, June 29, 2009

It's my birthday!

Today was my 41st birthday. Went out to lunch with my Fargo family - had a 'mini' Super Burrito at Paradisio. It was very good, as usual. Then we hung out at my parents for a little bit. I went for a walk around the block. These blocks seemed longer, so we thought it was 2 1/2 blocks. I didn't have gym shoes on so my feet kind of were sore by the time I got to my parents, plus all the cracks in the sidewalks.. Good thing i didn't carry my camera, although i wish i had. I was tired after but blaming it on my shoes. I just needed to sit when I got in the house. My niece Abby went with but she was on her scooter and was farther ahead of me. I yelled for her a couple times and she stopped, waited for me, then proceeded on.

Not too much to report today. Another year has come and gone, and I look forward to what this next year will bring!
I'll be back in the gym tomorrow. Looking forward to see how many laps I can do.

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