Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another December Day

I went to PT this morning and right away we get started on the Lite Gaite treadmill. Scott first had me start at a slow pace to warm up, then I went to my 2.4 speed and tried to not hang on; it was more of a challenge then I thought as my upper body was swaying weird. He said thats normal as I'm hooked up in this device (I'll get a new picture next week) and my body wants to rotate. We did some intervals also, where Scott would bump me up to the speed of 3.1 for one minute, then i slowed down and went up to 3.2 and up to 3.4 (I think) with these one minute intervals. I couldn't help but not laugh when i was going super fast because I HAD to keep moving! I passed that and then I decided to keep walking at the 2.3 pace. I was halfways to a mile already, so I just kept on and when i was done I did 1 mile.15 at 27.15 time and I averaged 2.4 pace. Then I went in the gym, dampened a washrag and layed down, put it over my face and just relaxed! Ahhhhh - Terrance was going to ask if I was ok, glad he didn't because i'm sure he would have scared me. I was pretty relaxed so who knows if I would have even moved. I then saw him and told him how i did!! I just need to keep it up - I slack at home!
Everyone at the gym is so helpful and they always encourage me on! Great people!
Then Charlotte and I were visiting. We haven't visited in soooooooooo long, so it was great to catch up in person. She bought a new camera and she hadn't taken a picture. I said well lets take an arm-shot photo. She's like arm shot? I then demonstrated by holding the camera out. So I taught her something new!

Then this afternoon I met up with Jeannie. She helped me get my device I communicate with. We were trying to develop some type of mentoring program where I could either go to schools and talk with a student or students so they aren't as apprehensive in using devices. Also with adults who may have had a stroke and may need some type of 'voice' to help them communicate. Lots of brainstorming. We also talked about Shutterfly - my nieces book came so she was able to look at that quick. I think if we had more time, we'd still be yakking away.
It was fun.

My sister called me and she told me she picked up gifts for her son and daughter for me to give them. I still need to get her youngest something. Christmas shopping is stressful especially when I'm usually done and wrapped by now. Ugh! My sister said she'll drop the gifts off which means she needs to be paid ASAP! If she owed me money, she'd take her sweet time. In fact, i think she must still owe me for something.

I'm chatty and going on and on and probably putting you to sleep. I'm getting tired myself.
Later on this end!

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  1. Wow Joey!!! You are such a strong person!!! I just love you to pieces and we have never met.