Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pushing through

Today at gym/PT I was hooked up to the Lite Gaite. I was at a speed of 2.5 and I went for 3 quarters of a mile. Getting a little higher each time. This time I had a sharp pain in my low back but I just tried to ignore it and it eventually worked itself out. I didn't get the shooting pain in leg this time. I went for almost 20 minutes. Next time we will try for a mile. By May, I'll for sure be ready for Marathon if I keep up the way I am. I feel its improving my overall walking. I did squats too. Got stretched. Now I'm raring to go!


  1. You're in better shape than me Joey!! Next time I'll ride the scooter and you take my pictures, LOL!!

  2. Phil and I were talking about how sweet you are and how much it meant to each of us to fall in love with you. Hugs my sweet friend. Barbara and Phil.
    PS I now know how to do the backgrounds. Look at my new blog