Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping up!

I have been going back to PT, I have found it really helps to have someone work with me one on one. Its encouraging, although everyone at gym seems to be encouraging which is so nice.

Scott started me doing the Lite Gait (picture in the previous blog) and I believe today was my 3rd or 4th time. When I walk on it I'm all strapped in like I'm going Bungee Jumping! At first he had a strap that gave me a wedgie, I didn't like it so now I have the straps on my thighs. I mean, who likes a wedgie!!
Today we started out with the manual therapy where Scott twists me around and cracks me. I love the popping sounds! Success! It always makes me laugh for some reason. Then we did a 6 minute walk around the gym. Scott said I was walking better and took longer strides which the Lite Gait is helping me to do. I think today I was faster then the first time I did the 6 minute test. I was tired at end, but not nearly like before. So I rested a bit, then we went and did the Lite Gait. He got me started and then Terrance came in and scared the crap out of me. My goal was to do 15 minutes at the speed of 2.3 (I think), i just kept plugging along and then towards the 11 minute mark my back started to hurt and I thought i could finish - i didn't have much time left, but I just couldn't. I was getting a shooting pain down my right leg. Terrance thought it was from doing too much. I did do squats after, I was still hooked up, and the idea is to bend down in a squat position and come up slow. Those went fairly good and a couple of times i lost my balance - but thats the nice thing about being hooked up, is if i feel unsteady, the harness will catch me. He asked if I wanted to be stretched out and I said Scott already did it, but he said its no problem. So I got a double stretch. YAY!
Then I went in the gym and took a nap (kidding!). I was practing my planks and doing some squats - I did them not holding on to anything but there was a table behind me - so i felt more at ease. I for sure felt I got a good workout. I need people to ship me into shape and I'm willing to try anything. If I can't do it, then at least I tried!!

I'm off to continue working on a wedding book in Shutterfly.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Until next time....keep on keeping on!

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