Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!!

Its already January 5th in a brand new year. It's time to start the new year off with great memories, lots of picture taking and being inspired by others and their creativity.
We got two blizzards over New Years giving us a total of 45 inches of snow. Usually we are at 19 inches by now. Now we have to worry about the flooding. Since I was snow bound, i took down all my Christmas decorations and after midnight I decided to take my BIG wreath down that I bought from a friends son who is in Cub Scouts. Let me tell you I made the BIGGEST mess ever. i had needles everywhere. I was trying to stuff the darn thing in a bag. Long story short, its all cleaned up and in the garbage.
Our Christmas was really nice. Nobody even fought. My 15 year old nephew was a delight to be around - then again I hadn't seen him or my sister since Labor Day. He is so handsome when he showers and smiles. I even got a family photo which totally made my Christmas! I had the self-timer set to go off 10x!!!

I'm still keeping up at gym. I did a few laps around gym, then was on one of the bikes, then i decided to try a regular treadmill without being hooked up like I am when I use the Lite Gaite.
It went well. I was able to pump it up to my usual speed. I just got a little wobbly after i got off, same thing happens when i get off Lite Gaite. I usually have my therapist grab my hand til I get my momentum. So I'll keep up with that for awhile.
Then I was taking pictures of all the staff, I was trying to get them all. Its hard when they all have different schedules. They are all wondering what I'm up to. How dare they figure it out.

Its been fun!! HAPPY New Year to all!

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