Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As most of you know I use a device called a Lightwriter to communicate. I just type in what i wish to say and people can either read it or wait and let my 'sexy male voice' speak for me.
On December 23rd, it started acting up by loud screeches - it makes me jump every time! By the time my sister picked me up it was ok, I was leery of it though. It worked fine throughout Christmas and the week after. Its been working fine this week and today i went to check it and it had that annoying high pitch screech. Grrrr. I have restarted several times. I'm sure I'll have to send it in and i should have done so before but i thought it would be ok. Maybe it doesn't like our cold winters! I last sent it in Feb of 2009. They do have ones in town I can rent, if I'm not too late. Oh well, on goes life and life's technologies! Thank God for them but such a pain when they break down. Kind of like a home computer, phone etc. You feel lost without it.


  1. Joey I hope you got the LiteWriter sent out. Not sure I could come up with that kind of cash for postage, that's nuts!!

  2. Did you get it back? You poor thing? I have been so out of touch with you for wks. Thinking about you though! Sending you warm thoughts!